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Joe Famalette

Joe Famalette

Minneapolis Chapter Director

Joe Famalette has immersed himself into the entrepreneurial world from a young age.  Joe is the founder and CEO of OneMusicPortal, a music platform designed to help emerging artists be discovered.  Joe's team consists of software engineers working at Microsoft and Success Factors, marketing ambassadors from around the country and a number of talented in-house musicians.  Joe and his team currently create and execute marketing strategies for a number of musicians ranging from Michael Jordan's violinist to emerging hip hop artists and electronic dance music DJ's.  Driven and determined, Joe fought through the challenges that every new business leader faces when they set out to change the world.  His journey led him to re-launch Startup Grind's Minneapolis chapter where he operated as the Director from March 2014 to August 2014.  Now, Joe looks forward to bringing Startup Grind back to Los Angeles and it's booming community of entrepreneurs.

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Cody Simms (Managing Director, Techstars)
Tuesday, March 10

Cody Simms

Managing Director, Techstars

Cody is presently Managing Director for Techstars in Los Angeles where he is working along with The Walt Disney Company to deliver Disney Accelerator.

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