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Anthony Palizzi - Director

Anthony Palizzi - Director

Anthony is a dynamic and results-focused leader with over 20 years of progressive experience in building communities, teams, revenues, profits, and business growth.  He enjoys working with people that are passionate, empathetic, smart and innovative.  Anthony follows simple rules:  treat others as you want to be treated, listen attentively, learn from your failures, and celebrate your successes and be thankful.  Anthony has been very fortunate to be a part of eight start-ups, two of which he co-founded.  Currently he is focusing his energy with his partner on growing the second venture, eIntero, an online marketplace for software development.  Outside of his faith, family, and friends, pioneering new beginnings is his passion.

Colleen Kazemi

Colleen Kazemi

Startup Grind Denver Co-director

Colleen is passionate about making connections between people and businesses. Colleen is an Angel Investor, Digital Marketing Expert, and has supported her Husband at his Probiotics Manufacturing Startup, where she helped him hire staff and discover funding through the power of her network. She believes that if you spend time in your local Community connecting and creating meaningful conversations with the people around you, that you will create powerful connections that will strengthen and benefit everyone. Colleen is a Denver native and is excited to be part of Startup GRIND Denver so she can help educate, inspire, and connect local and global entrepreneurs.

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Claudia Batten (Broadli)
Wednesday, May 14

Claudia Batten


US-based Kiwi Claudia Batten will openly admit she is digitally obsessed. From an early successful law career in New Zealand , Claudia launched herself into the extremely competitive entrepreneurial US environment. She has been a founding member of two highly successful entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Claudia Batten, Broadli Claudia Batten, Broadli
    US-based Kiwi Claudia Batten will openly admit she is digitally obsessed. From an early successful law career in New Zealand , Claudia launched herself into the extremely competitive entrepreneurial US environment. She has been a founding member of two highly successful entrepreneurial ventures. Starting with Massive Incorporated, a network for advertising in video games, she helped pioneer “digital” as a media buy. Massive was sold to Microsoft in 2006, where Claudia then spent 3 years scaling the in-game network. In 2009 she co-founded Victors & Spoils, the first advertising agency built on the principles of crowdsourcing. After two years in market, V&S was majority acquired by French holding company Havas Worldwide. Claudia is a passionate advocate for what she calls the Squiggly Line, the often uncomfortable path to achieving exceptional outcomes. She is a regular speaker on the future of marketing, the impact of connectivity, and on building businesses of the future. Batten’s experience has informed her business savvy, while her appetite for new challenges, unerring sense of timing and intuitive handle on the pulse of the industry guarantee that she will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.
    14 May Claudia Batten Broadli
  • Filipina and Ben Pate, Zen Planner Filipina and Ben Pate, Zen Planner
    Filipina Pate is an engaging, thoughtful and compassionate entrepreneur and leader with over 9 years of hands-on experience developing profitable products and creating a company culture that encourages innovation and brings out the best in employees.  She is a former professional sushi chef and is currently exploring the local slow food and urban gardening communities here in Denver. Ben Pate is a drummer, black belt, and software developer who has worked with technology since his shiny new Apple II computer. She passionately believes that everyone has creative potential and choosing to live a creative life in a courageous act. When she’s not cooking, she loves to go on hikes with Ben and their two amusing children. He's passionate about making simple, usable technology that makes a positive difference in people's lives. In 2006, Filipina and Ben left their boring jobs, co-founded and bootstrapped to create Zen Planner, an online service for martial artists, gyms, and trainers.  Together, after two rounds of funding and a private equity buyout, Zen Planner grew from a two-person startup to a growing company that currently serves 3,000+ CrossFit coaches, martial arts teachers and studio owners worldwide. Zen Planner now serves over 3000 businesses around the world, helping more people to earn black belts, get in shape, and become better members of their community In 2013, Zen Planner was recognized as one of the Colorado Companies to Watch and as the #2 nationally ranked Best Place to Work by Outside Magazine. In October, Mainsail Partners invested $10 million to support Zen Planner’s inspiring mission and record-breaking growth.
    12 Jun Filipina and Ben Pate Zen Planner
  • Michael Clark, Photobucket Michael Clark, Photobucket
    Michael is the CTO of Photobucket.com. He is responsible for all aspects of technical operations and software development for Photobucket and all of its web and mobile services.  He returned to Photobucket in 2012 after having built the startup SafetyWeb.com which was a cloud based security product to help families learn what their children were doing on social media and mobile devices and provide alerts.  SafetyWeb was acquired by Experian in 2011.  Prior to SafetyWeb, Michael was the first executive hire and architect as Photobucket and scaled their infrastructure to accommodate > 110 million registered users with over 12 billion images.  He built the development, operations and customer support teams to keep up with the growth and helped lead Photobucket to a exit to News Corporation.
    Michael has also held positions at NetApp, led development for solid state storage as TiGi, built a telecom engineering organization at TouchAmerica, and helped build Citrix’s consulting services organization.  He has over 15 years of direct experience building scalable systems.  Michael holds a B.A. from the University of Denver.
    10 Jul Michael Clark Photobucket

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